A simple keyboard layout switcher
that does not contain any spyware

Open Source

All hail the privacy! Every line of the source code is available for your inspection and is well commented. You can make sure there's no any malware inside even if you are not a programming guru. Of course, you can roll your own if you are one, you are welcomed to the community!

Totally Free. Forever.

I've created this tool for myself and I'm just cheerful if someone find the switcher useful for his needs. Will it be the workflow optimization for you or just an example how to use WinAPI from C# code, i appreciate your interest. If you feel grateful - don't hesitate to use the donate button, it will make me a very happy panda!

Unobtrusive User Interface

The program won't auto-start if you don't want it to. It will not show the tray icon if you don't like to. It will not bother you, ever. More useful functions will follow as the project will grow. You will like it ©